BLINDER Laser Jammers
HP-905 Laser Jammer

New 2012 Model:

When you purchase a HP-905 Compact system, you can be assured of a quality product that has undergone extensive testing against a comprehensive list of laser guns. As with military hardware, there is a continuing counter measures war between laser gun manufactures and counter measures product manufactures.

When you purchase a HP-905 Compact, you can be assured that the process of "Counter Measure" upgrades will NOT cost you a penny more over the purchase price. With some anti-laser products you can expect to be troubled with CPU module changes which will cost you money and down time, not to mentions shipping costs.

HP-905 Compact uses "VOICE ALERTS" which let you know what type of laser gun or laser speed camera are being encountered. New attention grabbing "ALARM" sound with volume control will help you tune your system to noisy environments.

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